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Mentored Coffee is a communications leadership initiative that bridges the gap between the Top tier leaders and captains of industry in whatever industry or career field, with the ones that are aspiring to be in the same position. The age group is wide as it varies from 18 years to over 40, with the main focus on the Generation X & the millennials. All this is achieved under a relaxed environment over a cup of coffee at a Starbucks or any other prime coffee venue.

"The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people."

As indicated, Mentored Coffee (“Brewing New Leadership”) targeting mostly New Millennials and Generation X, a trademarked initiative, is collaborating with coffee global brands like Starbucks to meet the ideal venue. This ingenious researched format will revolutionize how mentorship is done by the people at the “top” from your corporate C-Suit CEOs & Executives, to your biggest celebrities, to the highest government officials, and your biggest entrepreneurs. Attendees will be invited to the event via social media platforms winning coupons to attend, creating a massive traffic on the mentioned platforms.
Mentored Coffee anticipates to Brew a 1,000,000 people of different ages and gender.
To create the best environment worldwide that builds the next leaders in a very informal but comfortable manner in the next 10 years. First in Business, Entertainment, Sport and then Politics. Simply, Brewing New Leaders!
The concept was birthed by the founder Peter Ngozi who spends time at Starbucks with business leaders while working on his Business ventures. The environment and the strangers in Starbucks provided mentorship and inspiration through various conversations.

"We can change the world, one mentor at a TIME."

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