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We have 5 years experience in brewing new leaders; we give the smartest mentorship for your carreer!

The team at Mentored Coffee with careful intent designs topics through analysis and brings Top thought leaders to speak with attendees in a crafted manner that results in long term impact. At a coffee venue, attendees are treated to the coffee of their choice and snack, in a very relaxed environment under lights and camera, with final video product packaged in a perfect content format to be deployed across several media platforms. Whether this is something you’ve done before, or have just been thinking about, these are events you absolutely cannot afford to miss!


Top Tier Corporate Leadership

This session brings the sort after highest level of Corporate Leadership that runs companies worth 100s of millions to Billions of dollars. Leadership is not a rank or title. It is a choice. It's the choice to provide care and protection for those for whom we are responsible. And in Business this translates to millions of consumers. How did these leaders get there?


Politics and Global Leadership

In this highly polarized society, opposing views make it harder to govern or lead a people, yet among us are highly exceptional leaders that all agree including their critics that they are exceptional people of great influence, let it be in Politics or otherwise. What was their journey like in crafting this maestro ability and how can they pass it on to those that aspire.


Entertainment and Lifestyle Industry

It is one of the most misunderstood industries yet it is one of the biggest worth hundreds of Billions every year. We invite those that started from humble beginnings and have crafted their art of Entertaining us through their music, their designs or creativity that they have become household names. And importantly, how do they sustain this highly volatile industry.


Sports and Athletics

Highly recognizable sports personalities that have become brand names, through this fun session they discuss and show case Potential career opportunities and study interests for students; and the importance of student participation in school activities and its impact beyond the game. Then we tackle strategies on how to monetize & how to cope with the responsibilities that come with fame and also importantly how to sustain the new lifestyle post the years of being an active Athlete or sports personality.


Science and Ground breaking Inventions

Science & Inventions Leadership, inspires and challenges our attendees to create change in a positive way through the use of creativity and knowledge of science, and generate enormous industry and commence that impacts economic growth and job creation that is all inclusive.


Entrepreneurship and Business

An exciting and highly robust event for highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners & graduate professionals. Building an environment in which globally excellent businesses that can prosper by harnessing the resources and capabilities of their domain to ensure economic growth, transformation and inclusion for all.


Mid life Real talk mentorship (40s+)

Meet People who have done it at 40, 50, 60s…while starting all over again. Let it be because of divorce, considering a huge career move… whatever the stage maybe over 40, we explore the above with the guest speakers that have walked the path and have a candid conversation on how to navigate this new stage of life with a renewed mind and attitude.

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Our Projects

Advanced talks with Airlines to sponsor four Airtickets – Choose your Starbucks destination among the top 5 cities around the world, to be won every quarter.

Global Group of Hotels – To cover accommodation for the winners above.

Master card – Spend Money prize for the world trip above.

Win an internship – With pay to work at a guest speaker’s corporation for one to three months period.

In partnership with Gauteng Gateway Publication – To place coupons and advert every month for free coffee and cake to attend the Mentored Coffee event.